The Safety, Health, Environment, Risk & Quality Consultant you can trust.

SHERQ Risk Solutions main objective is to provide highly professional, integrated SHERQ Risk Solutions to entities where professional solutions are needed.

We strive to provide a cost effective alternative to entities that find it challenging to employ full-time SHE professionals as part of their organisation, reducing your labour overheads.

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The Safety, Health, Environment, Risk & Quality Consultant you can trust.

SHERQ Risk Solutions main objective is to provide highly professional, integrated SHERQ Risk Solutions to entities where professional solutions are needed.

We strive to provide a cost effective alternative to entities that find it challenging to employ full-time SHE professionals as part of their organisation, reducing your labour overheads.

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SHERQ Risk Solutions remains up-to-date and at the forefront of changing technology, legislation and methods to ensure your business remains current and legally compliant.

SHERQ Risk Solutions provides for a comprehensive portfolio of Risk based, sustainable and integrated Solutions to ensure an entire spectrum of SHERQ Services are provided.

This is achieved through a direct application of many decades of on hands experience, collaboration with other partners, affiliations and partnering with industry specialists to ensure you receive the best, cost effective SHERQ Risk Solutions for your business. In so doing, we free up your valuable time for you to focus on managing a susccesful business.

About the team:

Stan Dismore is the founder and owner of SHERQ Risk Solutions. He has more than 35 years of experience in the metallurgical, chemical, explosives, oil and gas, military, various manufacturing, micro-biological, laboratory and environmental industries.

He has more than a decades experience as a process engineer and two decades of SHERQ management experience.

He has a Bachelors Law degree specialising in Occupational Risk Law obtained from the University of the Free State. He further has Diplomas in Business Management and Project Management. Additional studies in Environmental and air quality Management, Chemical Engineering ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, auditing, legal compliance and Responsible Care.

He is a Graduate member of SAIOSH (South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) and an Associate with the Association of Arbitrators of South Africa. He is also a lifetime member of the Golden Key Honours Society. He has also completed a HCCL and is studying towards an Honours degree in Theology. He is further a MBA student student currently studying with the University of Edinburgh.

What we offer:



Provision of SHERQ direction through strategic planning focusing on a risk based approach to support your business where it makes most business impact. Using a level 4 B-BBEE compliant business ensures you receive points to wards your B-BBEE rating.

  • Determining business SHE maturity
  • Performing Business GAP analyses
  • Establishment of strategic business direction
  • Establishment of SHERQ management plans
  • Management Reviews
  • General consultancy and advisory business

Supporting your daily task of managing SHERQ, among many other business facets, to reduce the risk of potential non-compliance and fines to your business, we can implement a management system to support and enhance management practices.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001
  • Responsible Care
  • Supplier vetting
  • Software aided systems
  • Wellness management systems

Providing auditable, fully ISO aligned and legally required documentation, checklists, appointments, systems and platforms to support your business.

  • Construction business
  • SHE packs
  • Construction site safety files
  • ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 45001
  • Responsible Care
  • Contractor vetting
  • Industrial Safety
  • HSE Industry
  • Standards
  • Checklists
  • Risk assessments
  • Appointments
  • Agendas
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Awareness Posters
  • Legal posters
  • Critical behavior standards and checklists
  • Supportive Books

Providing an independent and objective, first and second party compliance and GAP audit with the view on identifying system shortfalls, identifying opportunities to improve and reduce business risks.

  • Site compliance auditing
  • ISO Systems auditing
  • Legal compliance auditing
  • Leader guided auditing
  • Vendor management
  • Supplier compliance auditing
  • Customer readiness audit
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

Ensuring you and your staff remain skilled in the material required legislatively and to improve your employees competence, providing SETA certified, credit bearing training to your staff will enable you to claim from the Skills development levy for training undertaken. Training can be done on your premises or remotely either web based or on e-learning platforms.

  • Basic understanding of procedure for submission of claims
  • Construction regulations 2014
  • Critical awareness training in prevention, protection and preparedness
  • Convey dangerous goods by road
  • Introduction to electrical safety
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of ergonomics / ergonomics regulations 2019
  • Explain and perform fall arrest techniques when working at heights
  • Apply fire fighting techniques
  • Perform basic fighting
  • Perform basic life support & first aid procedure (formally L1)
  • Functions of the workplace H&S Representative (SHE Rep)
  • Working with hazardous chemical substances
  • Conduct baseline risk assessments. Take appropriate action
  • Basic Health and Safety Principles in and around the workplace
  • Conduct an investigation into safety, health and environmental incidents
  • Knowledge of the H&S act, and Management Responsibilities
  • Sources of and control measures for Noise in a Workplace
  • Supervisory Management skills including H&S Responsibilities
  • Monitor, report and make recommendations pertaining to specified requirements in terms of working at heights
  • FP&M Operate a Pendant Controlled Overhead Crane
  • FP&M Perform basic fire fighting
  • FP&M Apply fire fighting techniques
  • FP&M Lift and move material and equipment by means of a forklift
  • FP&M Receive, handle and store hazardous chemical safely
  • FP&M Demonstrate knowledge of the OHS Act 85 of 1993 [as amended] and the responsibilities of management in terms of the Act
  • FP&M Apply H&S to a work area
  • FP&M Apply Safety, Health and Environmental protection procedures
  • FP&M Apply safety, housekeeping and environmental practices and legal requirements when working on machines and equipment
  • HWSETA Demonstrate and understanding of HIV and AIDS and its implications
  • Perform basic life support and first aid procedure
  • Provide risk based primary emergency care first aid in the workplace
  • Provide first aid as an advanced first responder
  • Access to an e-learning platform
  • Chapmar
  • Active Edu posters

You may not have the personnel or time to manage the systems yourself. We can assist in managing the critical parts on your behalf. We will manage your systems to ensure your systems remain current with monitoring kits.

  • Monitoring tools
  • Measurement and statistical reporting reports and formats

Shutdowns are associated with high risk work with reletively new personnel working multiple sites under various rules. A robust planning system of preparation, implementation, during shutdown and post shutdown is crucial to ensure you focus on those matters of ensuring on time and within cost. We will assist you on focusing on the risk identification.

  • SHE system readiness
  • Construction file provision
  • Shutdown SHERQ preparedness planning
  • Shutdown compliance

Incidents are very costly, referring to compensation matters, legal liability and potential fines, overtime, loss of skills, moral. Investigations are very tedious and timeous if done correctly with the view on ensuring they do not repeat again. Objective investigation, root cause analyses and preventive management is crucial.

  • Incident, injury and event investigations
  • Incident reporting to authorities


It is not always easy to reduce the Recordable Case injury rates and establishing interventions that are business specific is rare. We can provide business and risk specific interventions and improvement actions that will reduce the prevalence of injuries and non conformances.

  • Critical risk management
  • Leadership involvement
  • Broken window syndrome
  • Maturity assessments and GAP analyses
  • Supervisor lead intervention tool and logbooks


Providing baseline risk assessments are plentiful and easy to come by. However risk specific hazard identification, assessment and deviation analyses for specific types of risks are so specific these cannot be taken off the rack. PDA and site specific risk assessments can be facilitated.

  • Conduct professional Risk assessments and Potential Deviation Analyses
  • Fall prevention
  • High risk task risk and controls

We will supply and erect signage on site. When you need to comply to legal requirements and do not know which signage, or do not have the time to secure and install these.

  • Conducting site signage GAP audit
  • Providing risk based specific signage
  • Maintaining site signage


Health and Safety in Construction
Business SHERQ

We can provide on-site medical certificate of fitness certificates for your staff. When you want to optimize on your labour being at work and require a medical certificate of fitness, this option allows a mobile medical center to visit your premises, thus reducing labour cost wastage.

We are able to supply SHERQ staff when you have a need for additional, trained part-time staff for shutdowns, temporary surge in production needs or construction sites.

We can provide vendor held PPE to your staff. Instead of holding PPE on your racks, we can supply vendor held PPE to your business. This option reduces your inventory holding cost. Specialised safety equipment can be sourced

Optimising your business performance. Through the provision of Kaizen, Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt coach we can improve your business’ performance and profit base. Using 20 keys for workplace improvement this option allows business to enhance competitive advantage.

Contractual and Workplace conflict resolution provision. This option allows your business an alternative and cost effective option to contract and labour disputes and hence reduces time and cost for legal processes.

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